October is Tyre Safety Month

HGV tyre safety

TyreSafe’s annual October campaign, Tyre Safety Month, aims to address the issue of Britain’s motorists driving on poorly maintained or defective tyres. In doing so, they are increasing fuel consumption, tyre wear and the risk of an incident on the road.

It results in the UK’s drivers wasting money on fuel, while too many are regrettably killed or seriously injured in tyre-related incidents.

Safety for HGV tyres is especially crucial over the numbers of miles and distances they cover. Factors such as the condition of the tyre, air pressure and tread depth are all critical.

At ABCO Tyres, we ensure that all our tyres, including part worn tyres and remoulds, meet industry safety standards and regulations. We endeavour in all cases to offer good value for money and a great service.

Speak to us about your requirements today by calling 01939 768965. More information about Tyre Safety Month at https://www.tyresafe.org/.


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